Pro Python

by Marty Alchin

Welcome to the future home of Pro Python, a new book I'm writing for Apress, in the spirit of my highly successful Pro Django, published in December of 2008. I'd like to take you on a journey into many of the lesser-used, highly potent features Python has to offer.

What happens when a chapter becomes a book?

In the process of writing Pro Django, it became clear that I first needed to write a bit about Django's "killer app." As it turns out, that app happens to be the Python language itself, so I dedicated an entire chapter to most of the Python features that make Django work the way it does. Out of the whole book, the response to that one chapter was more than I could've ever imagined.

Even before Pro Django was published, I was disappointed that I couldn't spend more time writing about Python, because there's much more power and flexibility available than I was able to fit into a single chapter. After people started reading it and giving feedback, the response was so overwhelming that I set out to expand on that content.

In expanding that information, it became clear that there was enough available topics to merit an entire book on its own. Most Python books are focused on either learning Python from the ground up or using Python for a specific problem domain.

Chapter 2 of @Gulopine's Pro Django should be sold as a cheap stand-alone .pdf. And _every_ python programmer should buy it.

Christian Metts

The most awesome-est chapter I've read from a technical book. Ever. Seriously.

Rob Hudson

Marty's coverage in chapter 2 on metaclasses is well worth buying the book regardless of the title "Pro Django". It's really a "Pro Python" chapter and covered very well.

Jeff Triplett

Chapter 2 is the best introduction to some of Python's more advanced features I've read.

—Eivind Uggedal

Chapter 2 of this book is by far one of the greatest overviews of 'advanced' python I've ever read.

—James Turk

Chpt. 2 features the clearest and best explanation of metaprogramming in Python I've ever encountered.

—Daniel Lindsley

With one of the best descriptions that I have read of metaclassing in python, this chapter starts off guns a-blazing. … As of page 45, my brain is already going full throttle and I'm looking forward to what this book has in store.

—Eric Holscher